Schoko Dark Couverture Chocolate 68%

"Schoko Couverture Chocolate variants are premium and well-balanced chocolate. Produced from the highest quality of a single origin Indonesian Cacao Beans, and blended Indonesian-West African Cacao Beans. It is suitable for moulding, making decorations, hollow figures, enrobing, truffles, pralines, cakes, mousses and other confections.

Each variant possesed with the silky smooth texture, rich and full-flavoured, beautiful glossy appearance with a crisp snap, and the ability to be melted and tempered with ease. Whether you prefer dark, bittersweet, milk, white or single origin chocolate, the performance will satisfy the most demanding of requirements.

Origin: Indonesia

Product Weight: 1kg.

Keep cool and store in room temperature to avoid fat blooming and indavertent melting. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight"